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Compliance Consulting - Auditing

We can help with all of you compliance needs with qualifications as follows:

  • Both Internal and External auditing (RABQSA certified)
  • OH&S ( certificate 43838 )
  • Accident Investigation ( 14813 )
  • Cert. IV workplace training and assessment ( certificate 73531)
  • National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation ( All modules )
  • WAHVA (All Modules)
  • Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association Accreditation
  • Certificate IV Transport and Warehousing ( certificate 81544 )
  • Certificate IV Transport and Storage ( certificate 31335 )
  • Fatigue Management ( certificate 32916 )
  • Risk assessment
  • RABQSA-AU ( Management systems auditing )
  • RABQSA-QM ( Auditing quality management systems )
  • RABQSA-TL ( Leading management system auditing teams )
  • RABQSA HVA Auditor Certification Number 108916 external auditor for all modules nationally including Fatigue

Worried about Chain of Responsibility or safety audits??

Our ComplianceMate software handles all of your NHVAS requirements for mass, maintenance and fatigue management.

Add our Windows mobile app for the driver to enter weights for mass management, prechecks and odometer readings for maintenance and work and rest time to create an internal work diary for checking compliance. This feeds directly back to ComplianceMate ensuring that the data is accurate and correct. This mobile app warns the driver on pending breaches of fatigue rules and overloading.

Easiliy identify any non-conformances, log an incident report and show that you are proactive  in the "Chain of Responsibility".